The Family Baby Shower – If I Want to or Not

You all know my love of anime and all of the other things that are seen as being childish. I think once you hit adulthood though, if that is still bothering you then there are bigger problems that you need to address before you consider exploring that topic. That isn't what I am writing about today. And at the same time it sort of is.

I have never really thought about it, it never really bothered me. Sure people thought that it was silly, that I was wasting time and money with my hobby, but it is my choice on both accounts to decide what I want to do with either. This usually ends the conversation when I am so blunt, but if they feel that it is their place to try and "change my mind" or lecture me on the subject then they should also be old enough to know what I think.

Oddly enough they are not.

Now that my SO and I have been married for a couple of years (and I am lucky enough to have a husband that not only supports my hobby but enjoys it as much as I do). Now, snap back to reality, and the impending birth of my new niece/nephew, the gender has yet to be revealed, my sister-in-law who is a "serious type." I quoted serious type, but that is my husband speaking. She is the type of person that likes to make herself seem important, and that means anything that she disapproves of is sub-par. And while I believe that everybody has the right to their opinion, it does not give you the right to be opinionated. I have never really shared anything anime related, nor does she know how extensive my Pokémon collection is. Though I due suspect that my brother has informed her to some degree at least.

But whatever, it really doesn't matter.

What does matter is that I have magically been signed up to do her baby shower. I mean, sure we've talked, but I wouldn't call us exactly friends or anything. I mean she has a best friend, but it is too much of an inconvenience for her right now. She also just had her baby and it wouldn't be "acceptable to ask her to do it." But it is alright to ask me.

My mom is like that.

I am working full-time, and I am getting stressed with my last year of college. But hey, let's have your sister Kendall do it. She doesn't have anything to do. Well I am not a stay at home mom, if that is what your definition of busy is. And sure I can spend weeks getting the gender reveal set up. I wish they would just cut the whole thing down to a more manageable event. Apparently the hostess has to pay for the thing, do all of the work, but doesn't get any say in what is actually planned. I sort of call bull on that. But my husband thinks that I should just go ahead with their "plans" (some would call them by another name) and make the baby shower a nice experience for everyone involved. Well, sorry to break it to you, that will be for one, impossible. And for another thing I really don't think that she will appreciate it.

I thought that if I would ever host something like this I would actually be appreciated for the effort and I would be happy for the honoree.

But maybe I am being negative about the whole thing.

I just wish that I would have been asked about hosting the thing ahead of time.

My mom is like that. (But then you may have gotten that already.)

It isn't like I am really against the idea. In fact I feel like it could be a lot of fun. Sure, I am an optimist. I know thought for a fact that they can actually be enjoyable. I have been to a couple baby showers. Mostly when I was younger, and while it may have been because I was a teen at the time I found them a lot of fun. And while I wouldn't have been capable of hosting one at that time, I probably would have found the idea great.

Right now I think that the biggest problem is that I am expected to host it, but not allowed to help plan it. (I'm sorry, but this is really frustrating!)

Maybe she is afraid that I would pick out a cutesy theme that doesn't fit with her at all.

I probably would.

I would probably pick out adorable invitations, something cute with animals or something and it would be a baby shower that was both laid back and fun. But then if I was really hosting it it, then we would also be friends. And we are most certainly not. She doesn't do cute, she is about as sterile as they come. And she has a strict idea of what she will accept for the shower. I felt at times I am just doing it in name alone. Then I remember that I am actually paying for it and providing the planning/labor for the party.

That is probably the biggest problem for me. This is why you should be friends with the person you are planning the baby shower for. Right now, I have been provided with a laundry list of things that can and can't be included in the party. One of the things on the list, and it was underlined as if I am incapable of understanding the instructions: "No stupid games!" I mean, this is a baby shower, they stupid games are sort of part of it. And if it is supposed to be a gender reveal then games are an understood aspect of the celebration to begin with.

While we are on the topic of gender reveal showers – maybe your opinion is different – but I find them sort of egotistical. The whole point of inviting guests to the shower is so that they can bring things for the baby. And while you can do that with gender neutral clothes and stuff, it really should be made public knowledge so that the guests can contribute their part to the shower.

I suggested a "bring a book shower." Which is also gender neutral but she doesn't think that baby will be big on books. Sorry SiL but the baby won't be big on books because you aren't big on them.

Seriously, if this woman reads more than one book a year I would be totally surprised. My brother is also not big on reading, so there is little hope that the baby will get a lot of literary stimulation. At least not from them. I plan to go all in when I am asked to babysit. Which if I can instill the desire to learn in my niece/nephew I will consider it a victory. And since it was my aunt (father's side) that encouraged me it would sort of be cool to pass it along.

Things became a more ranty than I had originally intended.

Actually, I had told myself that I wouldn't, that I would stick to the facts, and present my case. Alright, that didn't go as planned I, but it also feels better to get it off of my chest. Because as of today, the only person who has made the effort to listen to me is my husband.

This really got a lot longer than I thought that it would.

I guess you could say that the idea of hosting a baby shower, while in theory is actually quite exciting, it really isn't that great if you get shoved into it. On the bright side, it will all be over in a couple of months. And that is something I am also looking forward to!

KHR: Future Arc & Final Battle

I will just say it again! Future Arc!

Future Arc

I was not sure how to structure this but i decided to have it be 2 Segments. The Future Arc and the Final Battle arc. The Future Arc will discuss everything up until the end of Choice and the Final Battle Arc will discuss the inheritance Succession Arc and the Future Final Battle Arc.

The Search for the Guardians was generally a waste of time.

It was full of filler content that wasn't needed and could have been much shorter. The Training episodes were drawn out a bit too much too here. But the Powerups are great. So had they shortened the arc a bit.

By for example leaving out the pointless reunion of Hana and Past Kyoko that led to literally just one short moment as well as the I-Pin and Haru Story as well as the Lambo one (Or combined the 3 stories into at most 2 episodes) and not shown as much stuff as they did about everything i would have liked the arc more.

The Invasion Story was probably my favorite part about this segment.

Simply because Characters that needed it got to do shit and we didn't immediately get Past, Ryohei and Hibari so we actually got to see their future Versions fight properly before getting to see the real heroes adapt their abilities. The Reveal that Shoichi was a good guy all along was done pretty well imo and Spanner is a great character as well.

The Arcobaleno Trials Arc that was done better later. But it is still pure and unadulterated character development but executed kinda poorly. Though enjoyable for what it was at least.

We also were introduced to a few cool characters before this arc in the invasion and training but aside from Gamma nobody is worth Mentioning really except for characters I have already discussed. Of course there are a few key characters that are already introduced by now that I didn't talk about but that's because they are more relevant in the Choice Arc so I will talk about them there.

Final Battle

This arc starts with the Inheritance Succession Arc in all fairness is the Arcobaleno Trials in good.

We also see Primo and his Guardians in the arc and just how much they are like Tsuna and his guardians and how they differ from one another. We get Characterization up the ass for Yamamoto, Gokudera and Tsuna (mostly just those because the other Characters don't change much) and we get awesome new powerups!

So let's go there because everything before was discussed.

The Final Battle.

Simply put Tsunas Guardians are not the strongest and this shows that with brilliant arc shows it. The Vongola have to assemble all the forces they can including the Varia just to somehow survive the fight against Byakurans guys. Which they barely do until Ghost shows up and is explained and he is some sort of major let down but I can deal with that since it's the final battle against Byakuran which as it turns out can only be won by Yuni and gamma sacrificing themselves to revive the other Arcobaleno resulting in the saddest scene in the entire Anime. I liked the fight against Byakuran and his Funeral Wreaths a lot.

Kid Friendly Anime

I don't know if there really is such as thing as wester "kid friendly" anime. Profanity is an issue for some parents and every anime might literally says "shit" in the first episode. Of course that will be mixed with a few other words and they might be used sparingly afterwards.

Words like damn, hell, and crap are commonly used in anime but don't qualify as swear words to some people, but then again it might not be suitable viewing for children.

While I do not think that you have to wait wait till high school to enjoy anime I still feel that there i little in the way of suitable content for very young children. I say that in the context of the western market since most of the imports are targeted at teens and young adults. For the less graphic shows, the romances for example they might be too boring for younger children. And for the more thought provoking stories it might be too complicated. For a child to enjoy the show they need to be old enough so they can understand everything happening in the show.

As for there being blood that is another matter, even if they know that it is fake, that doesn't mean that they should be exposed to it.

Kids interpret things differently than we do.

For shows like My Hero Academia late-Elementary school was a good start, That doesn't mean kid, but pre-teen, in the range of 5th or 6th grade, 11-12 years old. While it would be easy for the series itself to cater to middle schoolers and high schoolers, it is masterfully written, and could be enjoyed at by younger viewers as well as older ones.

Both groups can enjoy it all the same.

Flying Witch is more for people who can appreciate taking a moment to relax, some would call it boring, yet, boring doesn't stop it from being kid-friendly. It only makes it a good or bad choice depending on the kid's interests.

And then we have Pokémon, and that is in another category all together!

It Comes Down to the Numbers

I'm pretty sure the AI in Pokemon actually cheats. I came to that conclusion when Whitney's Miltank smashed me with the Stomp attack eight times in a row.

I'm not the only one though

Cheat is a harsh word for it though, I guess you could call it a home field advantage. Something that makes the gym leaders seem tougher.

I did the math to see how this would pan out, you know, in case anyone is wondering, which you probably aren't. But the chance of being fully paralyzed 6 times in a row (25% chance each time) is a chance of 100(.25^6) = 0,024% while hitting 6 times in a row is a 100(.75^6) = 17.8% chance.

I recently replayed SoulSilver and it was my Ampharos vs Lt. Surge's Electrode

And yup, it wasn't long before both of us were paralyzed. (yeah Gen 4 rules, electric types getting paralyzed)

It got to attack me six times in a row, while I was unable to move all six times.

I mean, yeah, I won because Ampharos can take a punch like a champ, but you get a bit frustrated when you keep getting paralyzed. Paralysis has a 25% chance of not attacking so you really loose any steam that you might have built up until that point. So while possible it would be like flipping two coins and having them both come up heads six times in a row while your opponent never has that happen to them.

For comparisons sake, the chance of encountering a shiny in SoulSilver was 1 in 8192 = 0.0122% without raising the probability by chaining or using the Masuda method. Looking at the odds I think that my point is clear, this is not a case of bad luck, but of AI that is programmed with too much favor being placed on it. Now I wouldn't call it a example of cheating AI, but having fair odds would look a lot different.

And may not be as fun.

Hibari and Tsuna

Tsuna and Hibari are receiving their own Nendoroids!

I can hear you now … let me buy it now please … please … please … I can't breath this looks so hype!

Here are photos to keep you entertained before you can get your grubby little hands on them!

Hibari and Tsuna Nendoroids
Hibari and Tsuna Nendoroids

Even with just these pictures to keep me warm at night I can say, I want Hibari so badly, damn.

Thank you Goodsmile Company (check out there facebook page for more), you're a godsend!