Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou – Nichijou OP2

I have a new one for you today which I am working my way through. And I am doing something that I am not very good at, I am taking my time. I don't want the show to be over that fast.

At first I was a bit sad that the series got a sequel, but that is only inevitable when the first one was so good. yeah, OP is just as great. I don't know how exactly to explain it but the first fells more cinematic and kinetic, this for some makes it better. The second OP is a bit more chaotic, or maybe I would say that it is more hectic. Chaotic sounds like it doesn't have structure, but it does. And it is well build, but the story is just so much more, yeah, well chaotic.

Not to mention that the Nano animation at 00:53 leaves me breathless every time that I see it.

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