KHR: Daily Life

I like this Arc but a few certain things pissed me off. Reborn was the first thing. He was always such a dick for no reason.

The next thing was how quickly Gokudera turned around.

Especially since "Obviously not a bad guy that will turn into an ally. Kyoya Hibari was there as well to fulfill literally the same role just executed differently…

I liked Yamamoto however. In fact he is the only Character that i always liked and still do. He is not my favorite anymore though. This would be someone that you could totally not guess by my flair or anything. But she wouldn't be introduced till WAY later. Instead we get, Lambo …the opposite of Yamamoto. Who by the way is the only character I never liked and never will like, period.

in between we also see Kyoko and Haru somewhere but i don't give a shit about them until the future arc so idc where those two even are at this point.

Bonus Points for those people that know my favorite Fairy Tail Character and assumed because of that that I would like Haru because she is basically a non-combat Juvia … except she lacks all the qualities i see in Juvia so I hate Haru.

Also I-Pin and Dino.

I like the arc, it is fun, and the manga is worth reading if you have only seen the anime. But, outside of that there is not really anything that is worth discussing after that point in Daily Life.

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