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And even more amazing, Girafarig backwards is girafarig. And everybody knows and has at least one girafarig at home. I actually have two, but the first one that I got doesn't get much use any more and just sits in the corner. I do, however, have a giraffe-patterned rug that I call my Girafarug.

I bet you were always wondering why I am so pleased with myself all the time. 😛

Silliness aside, this works on another level in the original Japanese.

Girafarig's Japanese name is Kirinriki (here is how it is spelled in kanji: キリンリキ). Not only is this also a palindrome in Japanese, but "kirin" (キリン) is Japanese for "giraffe," and "riki" (リキ) is Psychic.

So, Kirinriki is a psychic giraffe whose name is Psychic Giraffe, spelled backwards and forwards, and it has a face on its tail so that it also is a psychic giraffe backwards and forwards.

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