Non-Pokémon Anime

I know that most of these are fairly recent, the reason is because if I don't stay up to date I will probably never take the time to watch them. And that would be sad. Out of all of the new/ongoing anime right now I've decided that these left the biggest mark on me, some of them are just amazing to behold.

  • Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom I watched the first arc of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom and enjoyed it, unfortunately the ending really turned me off the series. After that I watched a number of episodes in the second arc. What I found was that the new female lead was really boring and flat. After that I didn't care if she was going to become a fleshed out character or not, the effort wasn't worth it. That is why I am striking it from the list. Though the show is still worth mentioning, it just isn't an editor's pick.
    • SNAFU
  • Kids on the Slope I loved everything about this show, but the music is what really captured me. But that should not comes as a suprise, fans of anime will know the name Yoko Kanno who compose works for some of the biggest anime franchises.
  • Non Non Biyori
  • Code Geass
  • Magi

Collecting Nostalgia

When you do something long enough, when you engage in a hobby for years it is both modern, fresh and familiar, but it also brings with it a certain amount of nostalgia.

The nostalgia is a great feeling, and one that should be cherished. I love to have something physical when it comes to Pokémon. The smell of new blister packs. The sensation of opening something that it filled with a little bit of wonder. It is great. The online game and Go are both good. But the physical game, that is where I find myself having the most fun. Don' get me wrong, collecting your sixth lvl 100 in the video game, catching the 280th Rattata in Go or playing the card game online is definitely fun.

But for me it's not the same as with the TCG.

Every card is a small piece of art.

Collecting now as an adult also reduces my deep sadness that comes up when I think what happened to my shoebox full of cards.

Collecting is something that keeps the game interesting. When I started there were only 151 Pokémon. Today…

I have completed the Goldstars, Shinings, both Black & White secret rares, full arts, Breaks, Legends, Primes, first 4 sets, 95% of all Charizards including a 1st edition base Charizard, own 5 crystal holo cards including Charizard. My collecting now contains more than 29,000 cards and out of that number, over 900 are Ultra rare/ secret rare cards.

As a kid I dreamed of having an awesome collection.

You know the kind, the one that my parents would never buy for me because they thought it was a waste of money.

Now that I'm older I get to collect the holographic cards that came out when I was little, I look forward to the end of each month to buy another!

People still tell me that this is a waste of money, but it isn't their money, nor do I tell them what they should spend theirs on. I simply love collecting and if it fulfills me then it is none of their business.

New Pick: Carnival Phantasm

It's an OVA series called Carnival Phantasm.

It's a show that brings in characters from the Type-Moon Universe (specifically Fate and Tsukihime) and puts them in wacky situations that make fun of their series and characters.

I finished it recently, found it very enjoyable and would recommend it to people that like Fate.

And it has both excellent opening and closing music!

Fan Favorites: Clefairy

Clefairy (Japanese: ピッピ Pippi)

Base Stats

  • HP 70
  • Attack 45
  • Defense 48
  • Sp. Atk 60
  • Sp. Def 65
  • Speed 35
  • Total 323

I don't know how many years ago, but it was many, I blindly played through Pokemon Blue.

Through some serendipity I was able to catch a Clefairy in Mt. Moon, though I didn't like the Clefairy at first. I quickly learned how silly I was though and it soon became a staple on my team.

Clefairy's elemental coverage helped me push my way past all the obstacles and before I knew it I had a lvl 100 Clefable and had beaten the Elite 4. That girly monster eventually found its way onto my copy of Silver version where it helped me catch a shiny Ryhorn, first non-Gyrados shiny, in Mt. Silver.

This all culminated with defeating my real life rival in the most intense battle of my childhood.

The Music of KHR

Hibari's Theme

Not exclusively used by Hibari later on, but it always serves as a reminder of how dangerous he is.

My favorite instance of it is when he's about to beat the shit out of Yamamoto (I think) for doing something suspicious, but is calmed down before he can let loose. So the piano part of his theme plays, but cuts off right before the rest of the orchestra can enter.

Nice story/music integration there.

Holy War

A more intense version of Hibari's Theme that's used a lot in and around the Varia arc. The band nerd in me loves the strong low brass here that adds a sense of urgency and seriousness that wasn't as strong before this arc.

Tsuna Awakens

It's very "Rocky"-esque, but with the orchestral flair that the KHR soundtrack does so well instead of 70s funk.

And the key modulation in the middle really adds to the energy. I just wish the whole thing was longer than like a minute and a half! The far and away best usage of this song was during the Tsuna vs Mukuro battle in Kokuyo, at the first appearance of Hyper Dying Will.

You can tell how pumped I was when I saw that, and the music did a lot of the work.

Smile For You

Okay, this is just a pet one that I like. It's cute, what can I say? Boo on me for not liking most of the OPs and EDs, but anything that captures the essence of Pretty Cure/Hamtaro/similar Japanese cuteness gets an A in my book.

KHR: Kokuyo

A whole lot happens in this arc, and by that I mean a whole lot of nothing till the end.

This is probably my least favorite arc to be honest.

We meet Lancia who is kinda relevant Later…we meet Chikusa who is kinda just there we meet M.M. who will not reappear for like ever until she just hops into the frame at the tail end of the anime and we meet Ken the resident Tsundere who apparently has a thing for the best girl but doesn't wanna admit it.

Oh somewhere before we also met BianchiGokuderas Sister … I didn't really realize that she was there most of the time which is pretty sad.

The only thing that REALLY was relevant in this arc to be honest is that Tsuna finally got his weapon but I woudln't call it a real arc because of that.

Fluffy Corgi Cuddles

Corgi's seem to be the internet dog right now. But anyone familiar with the breed, should surely know how lovable they are before long before the whole internet meme started.

But something few corgi lovers know is that they also come in fluffy a.k.a. cardigan corgis. Mine is adorably so, though hair is more of a problem.

It's not a desirable trait in a working animal because that coat doesn't protect against the elements as well as the classic double coat does. It's not all about the show ring.

Anyone deliberately breeding a "fluffy" corgi should not be breeding, because they clearly care more about cute puppies than anything else.

In the grand scheme of breeding for terrible traits, this isn't one of them.

How many breeders are legitimately breeding a working line? I suspect not many. Most of these dogs go to comfy homes where they are coddled and loved until they die of old age. A slightly less durable long coat is not going to hinder their lives much.

Frankly, there are better issues surrounding dog breeding to get angry over than this one, see my footnote about how you can change it. Like, I dunno, breeding for unnaturally stubby legs under an otherwise stocky body.

When bred correctly their legs do a perfect job holding up their bodies. The biggest issue is that you can't have them jump onto too much high furniture.

They really shouldn't do much jumping, none is ideal, as puppies and as they get bigger definitely be cautious of heights. Fitness does help. When they're more fit they can take more. Not saying you should be letting a fit corgi jump off the headrest of a couch onto the floor, but if you are having a corgi jump down off things make sure you're keeping them fit and healthy.

If you buy from a breeder that strictly follows breed standards, then you can look for an AKC breeder's license.

This makes them a vetted breeder with certain standards (take those standards for what they are).

Though AKC licensed breeders are usually doing it as a hobby. These people are generally not in it for a profit. They are not going to be a puppy mill or anything because they care very much for these dogs.

An AKC breeder, however, will not intentionally breed a fluffy corgi. Because it's not the breed standard. So, while it may not be terrible to take one home as a personal pet, that's not really the problem since you are supporting a reliable and animal-friendly breeder if you go through someone who is accredited.

The problem is that you're supporting a breeder who is breeding for the sake of being "cute", which is how we ended up with all these "designer breeds" in the first place. Those have no real breed standard and are bred purely for profit.


I know a lot of people think that breed standards are messed up. With the fluff, it really doesn't make a difference. But some of the other breeds have really unhealthy traits that are considered good, while the restorative traits are bad. And that, in my opinion, is messed up. When there are standards that I don't agree with I make my voice heard. And so can you. I do this by emailing the specific breed's club.

There is an easy way to find out which club should be contacted. Just do a search for breed club (typically named "dog breed" club of "country") that has the power to make the biggest change.

Though, the cynic is me feels like this may be one of those things where we have to wait for the people in charge to not be in charge anymore and the younger generation of leaders may be more willing to let the change happen. I think a few years ago in the UK they changed the pug breed standard for muzzles from "short" to "relatively short" which is a change in the right direction (literally) so there is always a chance.

Pokémon A Generational Mix

I know that people feel so-so about this. Some love to mix and match. I am one of them. Others love to keep their deck clean and only build with one generation.

One way people do this is by running through a generation, building a deck and then testing it. If they can't balance the deck they will go and mix in other cards. This works. But it is still playing on the idea of staying with a single generation as the base. This can lead to weaknesses that that generation brings with it.

For me this does not apply because I go by theme. I always do fire/water/grass (or electric) and often dark/fighting/psychic type trios, too. Like this I can use whatever Pokemon I like in the position that I feel is the best. This goes back to my rogue deck style of play, but it is also a strong strategy. I prefer having a mix of new stuff and old favorites on my teams, although I do also enjoy familiarizing myself with new Pokémon, and I do enjoy team building with limitations in mind.

Sometimes you just want to have a team tat plays strong against a certain other team. After all the game is about the experience.